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Performance on Friday 29th of October

October 27, 2010

MS Innvik is leaving the harbour of Oslo

September 7, 2010

The theatre boat MS Innvik will leave the harbour in Bjørvika at the end of October to start a new life as a church and culture center in the idyllic town of Drøbak by the fjord south of Oslo. Probably few of the people presently related to the ship will follow her, the Nordic Black Theatre and related activities are looking for new spaces in the central Oslo area. They will succeed, but Oslo lost a cultural opportunity many will regret.
Existence in the center of urban development became too rough to comply with for the MS Innvik- strict enforcement of fire regulations proved to be the end of her. Since this spring, all activity was pared down by the municipal fire department. Notably, the ship and its activities had been approved by different official bodies for nine years, it seems strange that it is now thought to be problematic on the verge of impossible to let normal activity go on. The first important part of Innvik to be closed, was the popular, reasonably priced bed & breakfast. Along with the economic asset, went the breakfasts in the mornings, attended by people from Oslo and all over the world enjoying the best view of the opera building and the seascape around it. The fatal attack of the inner soul of MS Innvik, however, was the closing of the theatre for several weeks. When the theatre was allowed to open again, the restrictions were so severe as to reduce the audiences to one-third of what was the former norm.
The said control of security, people’s safety and health seems to be isolated and opposed to what really creates a sense of security and belonging. With MS Innvik, we all loose a valuable platform, some place we could claim as a space of open cultural development in Oslo. Let us celebrate MS Innvik and enjoy her last days in Bjørvika in the hope that a splendid future will follow (let us keep an eye on it).

From the harvest party at MS Innvik Kitchen Garden 28th of August 2010

September 6, 2010

The shadows of the plants were projected onto the ship’s wall in the evening.

The garden is constructed on the deck of the ship, right outside the door to the kitchen

Kuy is the chef at MS Innvik and has helped us take care of the garden through the summer.
See the plan and results of the MS Innvik Kitchen Garden at this page

About the Kitchen Garden at Innvik 2010

August 30, 2010

This video tells about the process of making the Innvik Kitchen Garden. The song "Labour" was given to the project by Sheldon Blackman while we were constructing the garden.

The herb garden at Innvik by productframes

July 14, 2010

Here is the garden as it looked newly planted. The plants are propagated by us or are gifts from friends.

Herb Garden construction before planting

July 13, 2010

The herb garden construction around the 1st of June 2010

Garden Plan for Innvik

April 7, 2010

We have made a plan for a herb garden at MS Innvik. Some of the seeds are propagating, other herbs can be transferred from our garden. See the plan at or follow the link A ship with a view in the menu to the left.